Galangal Cooking Studio
we would like to invite all who are fascinated by traditional Thai food to join us in the friendly and fun atmosphere of the Galangal Cooking Studio of Chiang Mai. More Info...
With love and a smile Of the many delicious, regional cuisines of Asia, the unique flavors of Thailand continue to gain increasing popularity with food lovers around the world. The essential ingredients of the Thai kitchen, such as, lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime, garlic and chilies not only add depth and breadth of flavor to Thai food, but also offers healthful benefits, as well.


The inspiration for the Galangal Cooking Studio comes from the communal joy the Thai people share over delicious food. Our mission is to introduce to you the complete Thai experience through our personalized, hands-on instruction. We welcome you to enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the Galangal cooking studio. It is our sincere pleasure to reveal to you the ease and joy of Thai cooking and hope that with our instruction, you will gain the skill and confidence to prepare these delicious dishes in your own home. The Galangal Cooking Studio is delighted to thank Mr. Robert Michael Scott, an American resident living in Chiang Mai, for his immense help in many areas. He has become our sincere friend assisting us in developing the Galangal Cooking Studio concept “friendship through cooking skills.”

Sawatdee Ka,

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